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The Modem part of his High- "ne88*s audience can listen now, Ithink, across theTime-gulfs, "in a different mood; with candour, with human brother- "hood, with reverence and gratefiil love. Indeed, I bear tbe Country risetb upon tbem every- wbere; and I believe tbe forces tbat lay, tbrougb Providence, at Bewdley, and in Sbropsbire and Stafford- sbire, and tbose witb Colonel Lilbum, were in a con- dition, as if tbis bad becn foreseen, to intercept. Bainham

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Robert, Esq.) Baker, Thomas, Esq. I have only to add at present, that on the morrow of my Lord General reappearance in Parliament, this sleeping question was resuscitated* new activity infused into it; some show of progress made nay, at the end of three months, after mach labour and struggle. In the mean time I am " willing to hear information of late proceedings from such as he dare trust who is, my Lord, your humble servant, "W.dükdas." The Lord Generalis Reply,.2. Rieh, Col., in Scotlatid,. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe.

Puritanism, without its King, is k'ing- lessj anarchic; falls into dislocation, self-collision; staggers, plunges into ever dccper anarchy ; King, Dcfcnder of the Pu- ritan Faith there can now none be found 5 and nothing is left but to recall the old disowned Defender with. Liberty of Conscience is a natural right; and he that would have it, ought to give it; having *himself' liberty to settle what he likes for the Public. Many of these People are ejected from their "Old Habitations; their Native Religion is prohibited to "many: new Taxes are exacted; a new Fortress has been * built over them, out of which soldiers frequently sallying "plunder or kill whomsoever they meet. I say I bave two or tbree witnesses, of still more weigbt tban all I baye counted and reckoned*yet. Heretofore in the samepurpose of endeavouring "and obtaining a firm and intimate Pcace and Amity with "France. And I do hereby lel you know that Letters are directed to the Justices of Peace of several Counties That Watches be kept, such as the Law hath appointed for taking a strict ac- count of all strangers, especially near the Coast. Yes had not their heels bcen trod upon bj importuiiities from abroad, even to threats, 1 believe there never would have bei'n *any' thoughts of rising, or of going out of that Room, to the world's end.

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It is not my eustom now, nor shall be, without some special cause moving, to interposc anything to the hindrance of any in the free course of their pre- senting persons to serve in the Public Ministry. Let it bc your especial care to get them into Mon- moutbsbire tbcrcuuto. 376 ; at Installation,. Welsh Disturbanceq in 1648. More instrumentar than all instituted sexe gratuit adulte site de rencontre gratuite things' in the world! Meanwhile only give me leave to say, and to say it seriously (the issue will prove it scrious that you have one or two consi- dcrations which do stick wnth. Thank Heaven, ' Stern Destiny, mercifiil were it eren to death, does now ' compel them verily to nm for gold : pleasure-tchat com courtenay * Cant in all directions 'is Bwiftlj ebbing into the Bank t pleasure-tchat com courtenay was issued." Speech being ended, the Hononrable Members ' went.

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Oliver's health, as we might observe, was but uncertain in late time often "indisposed" the spring before Bari of Warwick to the Lord Protector, date llth Marcb 1657-8; printed in Godwin. Waldensesnotice of the, iii.821. The nezt affair is that of Edinburgh Castle. Meeting of the First Pro- indbx. Where now are the Star-Chamhers, Sig Commissions Council-Chambers ; pitiless oppressors of Gods Gospel in this land? Allen, Isaac, of Haseley, Esq. 29, 38; and Cromwell or Kingflhip, 53; at Installa- tioti, 13Ö; one of Cromwell!

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46; Pamphlets by, 106; appointed Latin Secre- tary,. Sh iraSy find is, "o famous memory* but the Spaniards de- sign becamc, By all unwortby, unnatural means, to destroy that Person, and to seek the ruin and destruc- tiun of these Kingdoms. Who performed it so gallantly that, after a short firing, they entered the whole Squadron, and put them to a confusion. Of Subtlety) Morpeth, Fiennes, Hon. 207, 208; assaults Carrick, 213. Clxxxviu, THX littlb parliament.

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